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Flame Spray Thermal Coatings for Industrial Corrosion Protection & Restoration

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Flame Flame Spray-Tennessee Metallizing

Flame Spray-Tennessee Metallizing Flame Spray-Tennessee Metallizing

Flame Spray-Tennessee Metallizing Flame Spray-Tennessee Metallizing

Flame Spray-Tennessee Metallizing
Tennessee Metallizing offers you expert flame spray services on-site or in-shop depending on your needs. Appropriate for any number of industrial, commercial and artistic applications, flame spray is another thermal spray process where a hard protective coating is applied to the prepared surface to provide protection from wear and erosion, restoration of worn parts and corrosion protection. Expensive parts often wear out prematurely from constant use. A flame spray coating produces a stronger, more durable surface that is up to 10x harder than the base metal. It thereby increases the overall life of your part by up to 50%, providing you with on-going cost savings for the long run. Because the process is fast and portable, utilizing gas instead of electricity, we are able to reduce your downtime significantly by performing the work at your location no matter where it might be – in your plant, at your construction site – virtually anywhere.

Flame spray coatings are typically ceramic coatings, metal alloys, and spray-and-fuse coatings. Spray and fuse coatings create a metallurgical bond to the base metal, with some carbide spray-and-fuse coatings producing hardness ranges up to Rockwell 88C. Resulting in less porous finishes, these coatings are able to resist abrasive grains, particle erosion, sliding erosion, fretting or wear, cavitation, and harsh environments caused by climate or chemicals. Tennessee Metallizing utilizes an oxyfuel torch to apply the coatings. You may also be interested in metalizing, another of our thermal coatings processes, or powder coatings. You can contact us using our convenient online form.

Tennessee Metallizing offers you expert knowledge and skill to ensure you fast, professional, courteous service and a solution that makes sense for you. Our flame spray service has many applications for OEMs, architects, design engineers, physical engineers, plant managers, government, aerospace, aeronautical, marine, highway & safety, military and defense, forestry, and construction, to name a few. It works well on metal parts and some non-metal surfaces.

What our metalizing service offers you:
  • Corrosion protection
  • Restore worn out parts
  • Greater durability
  • Stronger surface up to 10x harder than base metal
  • Extended life – Up to 50% longer
  • More cost effective than replacing parts
  • Portable Process
  • Fast Process - Reduces production downtime
  • Same day service
  • No waiting for overseas part to arrive
  • On-site or in-shop service
  • Expert, Professional, Courteous service

Tennessee Metallizing looks forward to the opportunity to be your single source provider for corrosion protection and restorative services for your metal parts, equipment, machinery, structures and surfaces.

Tennessee Metallizing – Industrial Corrosion Protection & Thermal Coatings