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Sand Blasting & Bead Blasting

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Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting-Tennessee Metallizing

Sand Blasting-Tennessee Metallizing

Sand Blasting-Tennessee Metallizing
Tennessee Metallizing offers you comprehensive sand blasting and bead blasting services both on-site and in-shop. We have the capabilities to accommodate any shape or size part or structure. We are equipped with blast cabinets to manage small parts. Additionally we have a roto-blast head that enables us to do the interior of pipes with diameters ranging from 6” to 36”.

Tennessee Metallizing uses sand blasting to clean and prepare surfaces before applying thermal coatings or other coatings you may desire including wet paint. It offers greater control and is a more cost effective process than using a scraper or grinder, which takes longer and may remove more than you would like. It also provides a better base for greater adhesion of the coating. Bead blasting is an identical process but produces a more cosmetic effect. Resulting in a sharp, smooth, clean surface, bead blasting stainless steel and aluminum is appropriate for more decorative applications such as a stainless steel handrail for example. The procedure also effectively removes discoloration from welding.

Tennessee Metallizing will prepare parts and structures for OEMs, fabricators, architects, designers, plant managers, military and government agencies, physical engineers and more. You may also be interested in our thermal coatings services which include metalizing, flame spray and powder coatings. We can also provide you with wet paint services. You can contact us using our convenient online form.

What our sand blasting and bead blasting services offer you:
  • Corrosion removal
  • Surface preparation & cleaning
  • Any shape or size part or structure
  • Blast cabinet to manage small parts
  • Interior of pipes ranging 6” – 36” dia.
  • Bead blasting offers smooth, clean cosmetic appearance
  • Fast Process - Reduces production downtime
  • Same day service
  • On-site or in-shop service
  • Expert, Professional, Courteous service

Tennessee Metallizing looks forward to the opportunity to be your single source provider for corrosion protection and restorative services for your metal parts, equipment, machinery, structures and surfaces.

Tennessee Metallizing – Industrial Corrosion Protection & Thermal Coatings